Hallo! Me again: SALLY DAVIS, biographer of Henry George Norris, now working on something very different.

Firstly a short apology December 2020: readers! Do keep contacting me, but I may not be as quick to respond as I usually am. I’m doing a course at the moment on the likely collapse of oil-based western civilisation.

Below is a list of all the people who were initiated into the Order of the Golden Dawn at its temples in London, Bradford and Edinburgh between 1888 (the year it began) and 1901.  There were also temples in Paris and Weston-super-Mare, but I’ve decided to leave their initiates out.

The list of names is based on the data R A Gilbert put in his book The Golden Dawn Companion, published by The Aquarian Press in 1986.  Gilbert had inherited the Golden Dawn’s Membership Roll and he transcribed all the signatures written on it, for his book.  I used the book and the original Members’ Roll, to make my list; correcting some wrong spellings and adding in one person who was on the Members’ Roll but not in the book - I guess Gilbert must just have overlooked her, amongst so many names.

For the last few years I’ve been working on biographies of the Golden Dawn members in the list below, using the web and libraries in London.  For most members, I haven’t found out anything much.  For the rest, I’m gradually compiling little (and some not so little) biographies of them and they’ll go up on this website in due course. 

Two important points about what I’ve been doing:

1) Those of you who want to find out about the Golden Dawn’s magic: these biographies are not for you.  I’m no magician and I’ve concentrated on the members’ other lives - their day job, if you like - birth, family/relationships, work/income, death. 

2) Some of the people on the list have had biographies done already.  There are books on:

Allan Bennett

Sir William Crookes               

Aleister Crowley; a lot of books on him, of course

Florence Farr with coverage of her sister Henrietta Paget and her brother-in-law Henry Marriott Paget

Maud Gonne, including some coverage of her sister Kathleen Pilcher and her cousin Mary Kimble Gonne

Mary Eliza Haweis     

Annie Horniman though these tend to concentrate on her later career as a theatrical impresario

Samuel Liddell Mathers including coverage of his wife Mina (later Moina) née Bergson

There’s a good chapter on Richard Joseph Nunn in an ebook on the Nunn family: They Came With Cromwell: The Story of the Nunn Family of County Wexford; published 2014. It’s by Eddie Jordan and you can find it at www.smashwords.com.

Constance Wilde

W B Yeats including some coverage of his uncle George Pollexfen. 


And there’s also a book in preparation on William George Lemon. 

The books aren't always easy to find but it still seemed superfluous for me to do any more work on those people. 

As at January 2017 there are also wikipedia pages on some of the people I’ve already mentioned, and:

Henry Edward Colvile though there's not much on his second wife Zelie née de Préville

Robert William Felkin though without much on his wife Mary née Mander or his sister-in-law Jemima Mander

Henry Pullen-Burry though without much on his wife Rose née Anwyl.  I have done a life-by-dates of Henry and Rose.

and William Wynn Westcott. 

If you’re in a desperate hurry to find out more about anyone on the list, but without a biography as yet, you can email me; I may be able to help:

R A Gilbert’s papers, including the Members’ Roll, are now in the archives at the Museum of Freemasonry.  A big thank you from me to the archivist and volunteers there, for the help they are still giving me.  Here is a message from them, because they would love more people to visit the Museum to work on the Golden Dawn archives:

For anyone wishing to explore the membership or development of the Golden Dawn, archives relating to the Order and its successor bodies are available at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry - all resources have been catalogued with full descriptions for each document [reference: GBR 1991 GD] - see details for these records on the on-line catalogue at: http://www.freemasonry.london.museum/catalogue.php


The list below with dates of birth, marriages and dates of death where I’ve been able to find them out.  The births, marriages and deaths were determined by correlating the relevant UK Government Census returns with the usual family history sources - FreeBMD, FamilySearch etc.  Clerical appointments are taken from Crockford's Clerical Directory.


TS = member of the Theosophical Society

SRIA = member of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia; membership available to freemasons only

SOCPR = member of the Society for Psychical Research


AITKEN, Andrew Peebles.  C 1854-1904.  Analytical chemist, academic. 

AITKEN, Georgiana Burnett.  Previous surname Brown.  C 1856-??  Married GD member Andrew Peebles Aitken 1881.

ATHERTON, Jeremiah Leach.  1838-1908.  Worked in the wool industry, Bradford.  Freemason.  SRIA.

AYTON, Anne.  Previous surname Hempson.  C 1823-1898.  Married GD member William Alexander Ayton 1862. 

AYTON, William Alexander.  1816-1909.  Married GD member Anne Hempson 1862.  Cleric, Church of England.

Family History
Occult Activities 

BABINGTON, Anna Mary. 1846-1934.  Owner of the Babington Tea Rooms in Rome. 

BAKER, Julian Levett.  1873-1958.  Friend then brother-in-law of George Cecil Jones.  Chemist.

Partial list of publications

BARCLAY, Oswald.  1872-?? 

BARRACLOUGH, James. ?1845-1902.

BATES, Emily Katherine or Katharine.  1846-1922.  Traveller, novelist.  Spiritualist.

Her life-by-dates:

Family Background and Early Years
1850s to 1871
1870s to 1885
1885-93 including Kat and the GD
1894 to 1898
1900 to 1902
1903 to July 1907
1907 to 1922

Her travels: US and Canada 1885-86

The Voyage Out; Boston, New York, Washington
Philadelphia to the Grand Canyon
Los Angeles, Yosemite
San Francisco, British Columbia, Yellowstone
Montana, Utah, Colorado
Back East: Chicago, Ontario, New York; and home

Her travels: Australasia, China, Japan, Alaska, Canada 1887-88

BEASLEY, Thomas Henry.  C 1838-1889.  Ex-policeman; worked in a coroner’s office.

BEAUFORT, Edith Mary.  Previous surname Griffith.  1856-1942.  Married Leicester Paul Beaufort 1883; 3 daughters.  Lived Borneo, South Africa.

BENNETT, Charles Henry Allan.  Later known as Bhikku Ananda Metteya.  1872-1923.  Analytical chemist.  Taught Crowley.

BENNETT, Ida.   Previous surname Turner.  1849-1910.  Married Adrian Bennett 1869.


BERRIDGE, Edward William.  1844-1920.  Doctor; homoeopath; writer, editor, compiler of a Materia Medica.  Follower of Thomas Lake Harris; writer, editor.

BLACKDEN, Ada Mary.  1872-1965.  Sister of GD member Marcus Worsley Blackden.

BLACKDEN, Marcus Worsley.  1864-1934.  Brother of GD member Ada Mary Blackden.  Artist; Egyptologist.

Family and Youth            
Egypt and the Golden Dawn            
After the Golden Dawn            
Book of the Dead – Chapter 62; Hymn to Osiris

BLACKWELL, Anna.  1816-1900.  Journalist.  Feminist.  Spiritualist.  Translator of Kardec.

BLACKWOOD, Algernon.  1869-1951. 

BLYTH, Lilian Grace Mary see PRAEGER

BORTHWICK, Gabrielle.   1866-1952.  Owner of the Borthwick School of Motoring and Engineering.

BOXER, Edward.   1856-1935.  Naval family.  Worked in a bank.

BRETTELL, John.   C 1830-1901.  Founder of T and J Brettell of Smethwick, iron workers and engineers.

BRIGGS, Mary.  1869-1909.  Married Howard Swan 1900.  IU.  

BRODIE-INNES, Frances Annesley.  Previous surname Voysey.  1853-1942.  Married GD member John William Brodie-Innes 1879.  TS.

BRODIE-INNES, John William.  1848-1923.  Barrister and advocate.  Married GD member Frances Annesley Brodie-Innes 1879.  TS.

BROOKES, William Thomas Percy.   1874-??


BROWN, Mrs Mary Catherine


BUBNA, Count Franz Otto.  ?1847 or ?1841-?? Stockbroker.  Born ?Austria.

BUCKMAN, Katherine Julia.  1863-1928.  Daughter of naturalist James Buckman.  Married William George Hutchison 1898.

BULLOCK, Percy William.  1868-1940.  Solicitor's clerk; then qualified as a solicitor and ran his own business.  Married GD member Pamela CARDEN 1894.

BURNETT, Emily.  1839-1915.  Sister-in-law of William Wynn Westcott.  Copyist.

BURRY, Henry Pullen.  see PULLEN-BURRY.

BURRY, Rose Pullen.  see PULLEN-BURRY.

BUTLER, Harriet.

BUTLER later HUNTER, Harriette Dorothea.  1867-1958.  Sister of Chris Cohen.  Married Edmund Hunter 1896, 2 sons.  See below, THE HUNTERS AND THE BUTLERS

CALDECOTT, Marion.  Previous surname Brind.  1850-1932.  Married illustrator Randolph Caldecott 1880.

CALLIE, James William Stewart.  1857-1940.  Worked for the Financial Reform Association; writer on free trade.

CAMPBELL, John MacNaught.  C 1850-after 1915.  Naturalist.  Curator, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow.  Freemason.

CARDEN, Alexander James.  1839-1897.  Married GD member Anne Rule Carden 1863.  Man of independent financial means. 
CARDEN, Ann Rule.  Previous surname Clements.  1841-1924.  Married GD member Alexander James Carden 1863. 

            Joint Entry

CARDEN, Pamela.  1871-1929.  Married GD member Percy William Bullock 1894.  See entry for BULLOCK, Percy William

CATHCART, Mrs Agnes.  Nee Baxter.  First cousin of GD members Cecilia Macrae and Florence Kennedy, through the Laing family.  1835-1913.  Married Robert Cathcart 1857; three sons.  .  See also the LAINGFAMILY file, at MACRAE, CECILIA

CATTANACH, Andrew Petri.  1856-1939.  Worked for Cowan and Co of Edinburgh.  TS.  Bahai.  Freemason.


CLARK, Emmeline Alice. 

CLARK, Frederick Stewart. 

CLAYTON, Fanny Isabel.  1863-1934.  Daughter of GD member Joseph Clayton.  Teacher.  See entry for CLAYTON, Joseph..

CLAYTON, Joseph. 1837-1912.  Father of GD member Fanny Isabel Clayton.  Teacher; then ran the family cookware shop.

COFFIN, Thomas Walker.  1840-1904.  GP in Cornwall, then London.

COHEN, Chris.  Original name Mary Ann Louise Butler, sister of Harriette Dorothea Butler, later Hunter.  1869-1946.  Married (1) Maximilian Cohen, (2) David Hercules Robertson.  See below, THE HUNTERS AND THE BUTLERS

COLLETT, Edith Grace.   1869-1927.  Doctor. 

COLLINSON, John.  C 1835-1906.  Worked for the Great Northern Railway.  Freemason.  SRIA.

COLVILE, Henry Edward.  1852-1907.  Married GD member Zélie de Préville 1886.  Career army officer. 

COLVILE, Zélie.  Previous surname de Préville.  1861-1930.  Born France.  Married GD member Henry Edward Colvile 1886; 1 son.

COOMBS, William Godwin.  C 1833-1919.  Doctor, specialising mental health.

COOPER, Augustus Montague.  1863-??

COPE, George Cope.  Previous surname Pinniger.  1855-1931.  Barrister.

CORYN, Herbert Alfred William.  Surname spelled CorIn until 1870s.  1863-1927.  Brother of GD member Sidney Coryn; brother-in-law of GD member Jessie Louisa Horne.  GP.  TS.  Emigrated 1898 to Point Loma theosophical community, San Diego.

CORYN, Sidney Glasson Pierce.  Surname spelled CorIn until 1870s.  1865-1921.  Brother of GD member Herbert Coryn; brother-in-law of GD member Jessie Louisa Horne.  TS.  Worked for Canadian Railway Co.  Emigrated to USA 1902; editor of the San Francisco Argonaut.

CRACKNELL, Maud.  1858-1950.

CRAVEN, ELIZA[BETH].  1867-??  See entry for CLAYTON, Joseph.

CRESWELL, Keppel Archibald Cameron known as Archibald.  1879-1974.  Architectural historian specialising in Fatimid Egypt; academic.  Lived in Cairo after World War 1.

CROOKE, Herbert.   1860-1931.  Worked for insurance companies.  TS.

CROOKES, William B.  1832-1919.  Chemist, physicist, editor, inventor eg the Crookes tube.  Spiritualist.  SOCPR. 

CROWE, Frederick Joseph William.   1862-1931.  Organist, conductor.  Freemason; writer on and collector of masonic regalia.

CROWLEY, Aleister.  1875-1947.

CUNNINGHAM, Marion.  Previous surname Ellis.  1859-1930.  Married John Strange Cunningham, Canada ?1891; 1 daughter.  Playwright.  Suffragette in Women’s Freedom League

DAVIDSON, Alexander Gordon.  1860-1924.  GP; after c.1903 worked in Ghana as medical officer, Tarquah gold mines.  Freemason.

DAVIES, Jane Anna.  Previous surname Greenaway.  1835-1908.  Married Charles Maurice Davies 1856.

DE BLAQUIÈRE, [Caroline] Dora.  Previous surname Bettridge, sometimes spelled BettEridge.  1838-1901.  Born and died Canada.  Married Charles de Blaquière 1856.  Journalist.

DE BRÉMONT, Anna.  Previous surname Dunphy.  1852-1922.  Born USA.  Married Émile Léon, Comte de Brémont 1877.  Singer; then journalist, poet, novelist.


DE PALLANDT, Agnes Alicia Margaret.  Original surname MacLean.  Surname Wade between 1879 and 1881.  1849-1925.

DE STEIGER, Isabel (correctly Isabelle).  Previous surname Lace.  1836-1927.  Married Rudolph Adelf von Steiger 1861. 

Her life, in date order:

1873 to May 1878
June 1878 to December 1882
1883 and 1884
January 1885 to February 1888
March 1888 to 1900, the period she was active in the GD

Some Files on her work as a painter and commentator on art:

Isabel’s art works: by date
Isabel’s art works: alphabetical by title
Isabel’s career as an artist
Isabel on art
Details of works exhibited

DENT, Vyvyan Edward John.  1862-1929.  Lived Shanghai.  Official in the China Inland Customs service.

DICKSON, Dr George.  C 1838-?? Father of Carnegie Dickson.  GP.

DODD, Frank.  1871-1955.  Worked for the British Bank of South America.  Moved to Rio de Janeiro mid-1890s.

DOUGLAS, Emily.  B.  Previous surname West.  1851-??  Married GD member John Andrew Douglas 1883.

DOUGLAS, John Andrew.  C 1849-?1917.  Married GD member Emily Douglas 1883.

DRUMMOND, Edith.  C 1874-??  Daughter of GD member Emily Ann Drummond. 
DRUMMOND, Emily Ann.  Previous surname Mason.  1854-1910.  Married James Drummond 1872.  Mother of GD member Edith Drummond.

              Joint Entry


DUNCAN, Isabella see C W PEARCE

DUNCAN, Thomas Appleton.  1850-1922.  Cleric, Church of England.  TS.

DUNCKLEY, Joseph, known as Joe.   C 1832-1912.  Labourer.  TS.

DUNN, Edward John.  1867-1926.  Surveyor.  Lived York, then Middlesbrough.  TS.

DUNN, William Arthur.  1866-1921.  Musician, conductor.  TS.  Emigrated 1902 to the Point Loma theosophical community, San Diego.

DURAND, James Madison.  Probably born 1870 Newark New Jersey; artist; probably died 1920 Brooklyn.
DURAND, Theodosia.  Original surname Moore.  1863-1949.  Born and died California.  Artist.  Married GD member James Madison Durand 1893 in St Helier Channel Islands; divorced 1917.

            In the GD; and rather sketchy life of James Madison Durand

Theodosia Durand: the Moore Family; Theodosia’s life as an artist

Theodosia Durand: life-by-dates 1914 to spring 1926

Theodosia Durand: life-by-dates 1927 to 1949

EDWARDS, Bogdan Edward.  Original surname Jastrzebski.  C 1860-1923.  Brother of GD member Louis/Lewis Stanley Jastrzebski, later Jast.  Husband of GD member Henrietta Edwards.  Surgeon Halifax; then GP Brighouse.  Freemason.  SRIA.
EDWARDS, Henrietta.  Previous surname Palmer.  1861-1927.  Wife of GD member Bogdan Edwards.  Worked as a hosier before her marriage.

            Joint Entry

ELLIOT, Eleanor Blanche.  Previous surname Bruce; mother’s original name Corbet.  1864-1947.  Married GD member Hugh Elliot 1896. 
ELLIOT, John Hugh Armstrong known as Hugh.  1861-1948.  Married GD member Eleanor Blanche Bruce 1896.  Barrister; editor at Heinemanns; part-owner Rebmans.

            Joint Entry

ELLIS, Frank Tate.   1861-1928.  Teacher/missionary Bishop Gobat school Jerusalem.

ELPHICK, William Henry.

EMERY, Florence see under FARR                          

EUSUF, Mohammed.  Surname usually spelled YUSUF.  C 1872-1928.  Born Patna.  ICS; judge in Burma, Calcutta.  Change of name by deed poll 1926 to Maurice Dean.

FARQUHAR, William Muir.   C 1863-1939.  Born Amritsar.  Cleric, Church of England.

FARR, Florence.  1860-1917.  Farr is her original surname.  Married 1884 Edward Anderson Emery; divorced 1895 and reverted to original surname.

FELKIN, Mary Jane.  Previous surname Mander.  1855-1903.  Married GD member Robert William Felkin 1882; sister of GD member Jemima Tertia Mander. 

FELKIN, Robert William.  1853-1926.  Married 1) GD member Mary Jane Felkin 1882; 2) GD/Stella Matutina member Harriet Miller Davidson 1908.  Brother-in-law of GD member Jemima Tertia Mander; father of Stella Matutina member Ethelwyn Felkin.

FFOULKES, Louise Florence Wynne.  Original surname Jeffreys.  C 1853-1936.  Married Rev Henry Wynne ffoulkes 1881; he was first cousin of GD member Marian Charlotte Vibart.  Poet.

            As a Poet

FIRTH, Oliver and Florence.    Both Bradford; both TS.  Oliver: 1860-1939.  Florence: nee SPINK so see also SPINK SISTERS; 1868-1939, married Oliver Firth 1890, 3 children.  Firth owned a TB sanatorium. 

FIRTH, Walter.    1859/60-1915. 

FORSYTH, Alice Jane.  Uncertain identification but probably c 1849-??

FORTESCUE Ethel Peverell Freda Fryer née Davis.  Daughter of a naval officer.  1862-1938.  Married Frederick Ernest Fryer Fortescue 1884; one child.  Friend of Pamela Colman Smith.

FRANKS, Charles.  

FREEMAN, Francis.  1848-1920.  Worked in a bank.

FRIEND, Elizabeth Mary

FULHAM HUGHES, Helen Priscilla, known as Reena.  Born New Zealand ?1851.  Died 1916.  Married (1) ?1872 Archibald Little RN, 2 children; (2) 1896 Alfred Joseph Fulham Hughes.  Had reverted to the use of surname 'Little' by 1911.

GARDNER, Frederick Leigh.  1857-1929.  Stockbroker.  Book collector.  TS. 

GARDNER, Joseph Knight.  1864-c 1926.  Married GD member Rachel Taylor 1895 Accounts clerk.  Emigrated to Canada 1908.  TS
GARDNER, Rachel.  Original surname Taylor.  1867-1929.  Married GD member Joseph Knight Gardner 1895.  Emigrated to Canada 1908.  TS.

            Joint Entry

GASKELL, Ellen Sophie.  Original surname Atkins; 1855-1940; married George Arthur Gaskell 1895.  Occultist; writer on diet, occult.  Spiritualist medium.
GASKELL, George Arthur.   1843-1933; Not a member.  (List of  literary and artistic works)


GILLISON, Jean Brash.  See NISBET.

GLYNES, Webster.   1836-1919.  Solicitor.  Married 1898 US writer/actress Ella Dietz (1847-1920).  Freemason.

GOBERT, Frederic Charles.  1873-1947.  Carpenter and joiner.

GOLDIE, Thomas Myles.

GONNE, Mary Kimble.  1863-1929.  First cousin of GD members Maud Gonne and Kathleen Pilcher.  Married 1902 Neville Sneyd Clay or Bertie-Clay.

GONNE, [Edith] Maud.  1866-1953.  Political activist.  3 children.  Married 1903 John MacBride.

GONNE, Kathleen see PILCHER

GOOLD, William Albert.  1847-??

GORDON, Alice.  Original surname Heath or Heath-Tomlinson.  C 1843-??  Married 1863 William Gordon.  Spiritualist.  .  Friend of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

GRAHAM, William Marten.  1848-1911.  First cousin of GD member John A S Hastie.  Civil servant.

GRANT, Mrs Margaret Jane Dalziel.

GRASON, Charles Herbert.  1867-1916.  ?relation of GD member W H Grason.  Ran a watch-making and jewellery business.

GRASON, William Hall.  ?relation of GD member C H Grason. 

GREENHOUGH, William Henry.  1856-1930.  Librarian.

HAILEY, Alfred J.  Civil servant.

HAMILTON, Lina Rowan.  More usually ROWAN HAMILTON so see under ROWAN HAMILTON

HANDYSIDE, James.  1845-1905.  Married GD member Lucy Handyside by 1891.  Worked for a coal merchant, Edinburgh, TS. 
HANDYSIDE, Lucy.  Original surname Hurt.  1848-1931  Married to GD member James Handyside by 1891.  Edinburgh, TS.

            Joint Entry

HARBORD, Lady Eleanor.  Daughter of the Duke of Grafton; original surname Fitzroy.  1853-1905.  Married 1) 1872 Herbert Fitzroy Eaton; 2) Walter Harbord; div 1900; 3) 1904 Herbert Magniac.  TS.

HARRISON, Francis Drake.  Co-mason.

HASTIE, John A S.  1862-??  First cousin of William Marten Graham.

HAWEIS, Mary Eliza.  Original surname Joy.  1848-1898.  Married Rev Hugh Haweis 1867.  Artist, designer; writer of books on good taste.

HENDERSON, George Jacob.  1851-1916.

HERBERT, Albertina.  Original surname Denison.  1854-1929.  Married Ivor John Caradoc Herbert 1873.

HILL, Amy Jane.  Original surname Earp.  1860-1939.  Married 1894 as second wife GD member John Hill.  TS.

HILL, John.  C 1868-1915.  Married as second wife GD member Amy Earp 1894.  TS.

HILL, Luther.   1864-1909.  Cloth-dealer.  Died in Canada.  TS.

HOPGOOD, William Charles.  1854-1937.  GP in Middlesbrough. 

HORNE, Jessie Louisa.  1862-1948.  Sister-in-law of Herbert Coryn and Sidney Coryn.  Teacher; headmistress.  TS.

HORNIMAN, Annie Elizabeth Frederica.  1860-1937.

HORTON, William Thomas.  1864-1919.  Illustrator.  Friend of W B Yeats.

HUMPHRYS, William Evans Hugh.  1876-1950.  Motor car enthusiast, journalist, magazine owner, businessman, inventor.  Married (1911) Jessie Holliday; 1 son.

            1876-1906 including the GD
            1907-end 1909

HUNTERS and BUTLERS: Harriette Dorothea Butler, later Hunter (1867-1958).  Dorothea’s sister Mary Ann Louise Cohen, née Butler, known as Chris (1869-1946).  Edmund Arthur Hunter (1866-1937).  Amy Turner, née Hunter (1865-1945).  Fanny Beatrice Hunter (1863-1938). 

            Two Butlers, two Hunters and one Turner
            The Butlers, Hunters and Turner in the Golden Dawn
            Edmund and Dorothea and St Edmundsbury Weavers

HUNTER, William Sutherland.  (Not related to the Hunters above) 1850-?? Worked for the family flour importing firm, Glasgow.  Freemason.  Book collector.

JACOB, George.  1862/63-1939.  Solicitor’s clerk.


JASTRZEBSKI, Lewis/Louis Stanley, known as Stan.  1895 changed surname to Jast (pronounced with a ‘J’).  1868-1944.  Brother of GD member Bogdan Edwards; brother-in-law of GD member Henrietta Edwards.  Librarian; poet; dramatist.

            A life by dates
            Belief, magic and love
            Poems and Epigrams

JEFFERSON, George Drinkall.  1843-??

JOHNSON, Frederick Jabez. 

JONES, George Cecil.  1873-1960.  1905 became brother-in-law of GD member Julian Baker.  Chemical engineer.  Occultist.  Friend of Aleister Crowley to 1911.

JUBB, Frank.   1864-1932.  GP Peckham.

KELLY, Vera(?) Foster(?). 

KENNEDY, Florence E S.  Original surname Laing.  1853/54-1952.  Sister of GD member Cecilia Macrae; sister-in-law of GD member Louisa Ida Macrae; cousin of GD member Agnes Cathcart.  Married 1) 1879 Edward Sherard Kennedy; 2) 1902 Ioannes Gennadius.  Artist.  For her family, see also LAINGFAMILY file, at MACRAE, CECILIA

            Florence Kennedy to 1902-ish
            Florence and Edward Sherard Kennedy as Artists

KERR, George. 

KIRBY, William Forsell.  1844-1912.  Entomologist, specialist in butterflies.  Worked for the Natural History Museum.  Translator.  TS. 

KLEIN, Sidney Turner.  1854-1934.  Worked for the family flour importing firm.  Freemason.  Writer. 

KNEVITT, Herbert Dr.  1867-1943.  GP in Ealing.

LACY, John Valentine.  1867-1947.  Born Agra, son of a Brahmin convert to Christianity.  Worked for Biltor Ltd.  Friend of the Vibart family - see Marion Vibart.

LAMBERT, William Henry. 

LAMMIN, Harriett Emily.  Original surname Skelton.  1853-1938.  Married 1888 as second wife Archer Davison Lammin.  Lived in Bilbao.

LANCASTER, Harold N.  1872-??

LANGRIDGE, Minnie Constance.  1861-1924.

LAW, forename(s) unreadable so unknown by R A Gilbert.

LEMON, Rev Dr Thomas William.  1846-1919.  Cleric, Church of England.  Freemason.  SRIA.

LEMON, William George.  ?1831-1897.  Teacher; then barrister.  Freemason.  SRIA.

LEVETT, Harold John.  1845-1927.  Worked for the London Joint Stock Bank.  TS.


LLOYD, Irene Augusta Ada.   1861-1959  Married 1898 Alfred Holtzer.  Cape Colony 1898 to 1914.  TS in South Africa.  Divorced 1923.  ?Co-mason. ?Liberal Catholic Church. Died England.

LOVE, Laura Gertrude.  Original surname unknown.

LOVELL, Arthur; which is a professional name.  1862/63-1930.  Original name David Williams or David Coethyr Williams.  Therapist.  Writer.  Freemason.

MACBEAN, Edward.  1846-1919.  Owner of Macbean and Co which made waterproofs.  Freemason.  SRIA.

MACHEN, Arthur.  Original surname Jones.  1863-1947.

MCFARLANE (later MACFARLANE), William Evan.  1866-1919.  Missionary family.  Trained as a doctor.  Astronomer.  Lived Loyalty Islands, Mongolia, South Africa, Australia. 

MACKENZIE, Alexandrina.  Original surname Aydin.  C 1848-1908.  Married 1) 1872 Kenneth MacKenzie the freemason and occultist.  Married 2) 1893 George Alfred Parratt.

MACKAY, Edward.  C 1848-1925.  Pharmacist.  TS.

MACLAREN, Mrs Emily. 

MACMILLAN, Albert Duncan.  C 1863-1945.  Civil servant, Inland Revenue.  Writer.


            LAING FAMILY re Agnes Cathcart, Florence Kennedy and Cecilia Macrae.
MACRAE, Cecilia Mary Bruce.  Original surname Laing.  1848-1942.  Sister of GD member Florence Kennedy; sister-in-law of GD member Louisa Ida Macrae; cousin of GD member Agnes Cathcart.  Married 1877 Charles Colin Macrae.
            MACRAE, Louisa Ida.  1857-1943  Sister-in-law of GD member Cecilia Macrae and GD member Florence Kennedy. 
            KENNARD, Mary Eliza.  1850-1936.  Sister of Cecilia and Florence.  Not a GD member.  Married Edward Kennard 1870.  Sportswoman.  Writer of fiction and articles on motoring.

MAITINSKY sometimes MAITINSKI, Florence Lily.  Original surname unknown.  ??-??  Married George J Maitinsky, manager of grocer’s shop in Bedford Park, 1890s.  TS.

MAJOR, Alice Elizabeth 1849-1906  She does not appear in Gilbert’s book but she is on the GD Members’ Roll now at the Freemasons’ Library.

MALDEN, Charles Herbert.  1857-1932.  Cleric, Church of England; in India, then England.  Freemason.

MANDER, Jemima Tertia.  1857-1935.  Sister of GD member Mary Jane Felkin; sister-in-law of GD member Robert William Felkin. 

MAPLES, Caroline.  ?1854-1922.  Original surname Williams.  Married Charles Maples 1877; 2 sons. 

MARTIN, George. 

MARTYN, Elizabeth Anne.  C 1850-1897. 

MATHERS, Mina; later Moina.  1865-1928.  Married Samuel Liddell Mathers 1890.

MATHERS, Samuel Liddell; later MacGregor Mathers.  1854-1918.  Married Mina Bergson 1890.

MIDGLEY, John.  1859-??

MILLS, Elizabeth Watkin, see WATKIN MILLS.

MINSON, George Samuel.  1845-1902  Father of GD member Mabel Hathaway Minson.  Worked in a bank.

MINSON, Mabel Kathleen.  1876-??  Daughter of GD member George Samuel Minson.  Married 1898 GD member Herbert Crossley Morris.

MOFFAT, Kate R.  C 1860-?? (after 1922).  Younger sister of Sophia Moffat.  Member, Independent and Rectified Rite.

MOFFAT, Sophia.  C 1856-??  Elder sister of Kate R Moffat.  Member, Independent and Rectified Rite.

MOLESWORTH, Arthur Hilton.  1862-1928.  Barrister.  Astronomer, inventor of astronomical instruments.

MOLLOY, Joseph H Fitzgerald, called Fitzgerald.  1858-1908.  Writer.

MONCK or poss MONK, Alfred.

MORRIS, Ronald Arthur Vennor.  1877-1943.  First cousin of Herbert Crossley Morris.  Married 1898 Eliza Augusta Jevons.
MORRIS, Eliza Augusta Vennor.  Original surname Jevons.  1858-??   Married 1898 GD member Ronald Vennor Morris. 

            Joint Entry

MORRIS, Herbert Crossley.  1870-1899.  First cousin of GD member Ronald Vennor Morris.  Married 1898 GD member Mabel Hathaway Minson.

MORRIS, Lizzie.  Doesn’t seem to be a relation of Ronald A V and Herbert C Morris; so nothing known.

MOSALLI, Selim.  1857-1912.

MURRAY, Grace Amelia.  Original surname Abercromby.  1864-1932.  Writer, translator.

MURRAY, Joshua Davidson

MURRAY, Oswald.  1850-?? (probably between 1924 and 1940).  Writing name Quaestor Vitae or possibly Quaestor Lucis.  Journalist for the Times; owner of a paint company.

NELSON, Andrew sometimes NEILSON.  ?1841-after 1898.  Worked for Union Bank of Scotland.

NISBET, Agnes Elizabeth née Williams.  Born 1864 died Paris 1947. Married 1886 GD member Robert B B Nisbet.  Moved to Paris 1893.
NISBET, Jean Brash; usually known as Jeannie.  sister of GD member Robert B B Nisbet, sister-in-law of GD member Agnes Nisbet.  C 1858-1920.  Married 1) Robert Gillison 1871; 2) 1905 Alexander Armour. 
NISBET, Robert Baird Brash. Born Liverpool 1857 died Paris 1931. Brother of GD member Jean Brash Gillison.  Married 1886 Agnes Elizabeth Williams. Moved to Paris 1893.

Joint Entry

NUNN, Richard Joseph. 1832-1910.  Born Ireland, emigrated to USA.  GP, Savannah Georgia.  Freemason. Initiated July 1890.

O’CONNELL, Theresa Jane.  1845-after 1911.  Copyist.  Friend of Mina Bergson until early 1890s.

OLIVER, Charles Mackay.  C 1867-??

O’REILLY, Joseph. ??-1894. 

PAGE, Frank Johnston.  Uncertain identification; probably 1859-1937.

THE PAGETS, Henry Marriott and Henrietta née Farr.  Henry: 1857-1936.  Artist, illustrator and designer.  Henrietta: 1852-1947.  Artist.  Sister of GD member Florence Farr. They married in 1879.

            The Unity of Religions and the GD
            Family life
            Henry and Henrietta as artists
            Henry: List of Known Paintings
            Henry: Design, Theatre and War     



PARR, Charles Chace.  1848-97.  Solicitor.

PASSINGHAM, Catherine Amy.  Original surname Staple.  1840-1918.  Married 1863 George Augustus Passingham.  TS.  SOCPR.

PATTINSON, Eliza.  Uncertain identification: probably original surname Clerk.  1852-??  Married 1874 GD member Thomas Henry Pattinson.

PATTINSON, Thomas Henry.  C 1850-1939.  Married 1874 GD member Eliza ?Clerk.  Ran his own jewellery and watch-making business.  Freemason.  TS.

PEARCE, Alfred John.  Professional astrologer, writer and editor; as Zadkiel.  1840-1923.

PEARCE, Charles William.  1841-??  Married secondly, date unknown but after 1891, GD member Isabella Duncan.  1890s ran a wine and spirits business.  Later ran a publishing firm.  Follower of Thomas Lake Harris. 
DUNCAN, Isabella.  Journalist as Lily Bell.  Political activist.  C 1861-??  Married as his second wife, date unknown but after 1891, GD member Charles William Pearce.  Follower of Thomas Lake Harris.

Joint Entry

PEART, Alfred Henry.  1859-1942.  Teacher.  TS.

PECK, William.  C 1865-1925.  Brother of GD member Harriet Peck.  Married 1889 GD member Christina Thomson.  Astronomer, inventor of astronomical instruments. 
PECK, Christina.  C 1865-1922.  Sister of GD member George Lorimer Thomson and Margaret Kells Thomson.  Married 1889 GD member William Peck; sister-in-law of GD member Harriet Peck. 
PECK, Harriet.  C 1870-?? (after 1901).  Sister of GD member William Peck; sister-in-law of GD member Christina Peck. 

            Joint Entry

PETERSON, Andrew Frater.  C 1872-?? 

PETERSON Jnr, John.  E. 

PILCHER, Kathleen.  Born Ireland 1868.  Died Switzerland 1919.  Sister of GD member Maud Gonne; first cousin of GD member Mary Kimball Gonne.  Married 1889 Thomas David Pilcher; divorced 1912.

POLLEXFEN.  George Thomas.  1839-1910.  Uncle of GD member W B Yeats.

POULTER, Herbert.  1873-1923.

PRAEGER, Wilfred George Frederick.  1869-1955.  Married 1898 GD member Lilian Mary Blyth.  PRAEGER, Lilian Mary.  Original surname Blyth.  1864-1942.  Married 1898 GD member Wilfred Praeger.

Joint Entry

PREWETT later MARTIN, Minnie.  1863-1909.  Married 1897 John William Martin.

PROCTER, Annie Louise.  Original surname Horner.  1849-1936.  Married 1873 James Procter.  Had lived on Madagascar.

PROWER, Nelson.   1856-1943.  Teacher; writer.  Freemason.  SRIA.  Went to Canada.

PULLEN-BURRY, Henry.  Born 1855 Sussex, registered as Pullen.  Family changed its name to Pullen-Burry c 1870.  Died 1927 Portland Oregon.  Medical practitioner, occultist.  Freemason.  Married 1882 GD member Rose Anwyl. 
PULLEN-BURRY, Rose.  Original surname Anwyl.  1859-1922.  Married 1882 Henry Burry Pullen-Burry.

The Pullens, the Burrys and the Anwyls
Henry, Rose and the GD
Henry in North America

PURKIS, E Heywood. 

RAEBURN, Jessie Ramsay.  C 1855-??

RAND, Helen Mary.  Original surname Rand.  1864-1953.  Married 1888 her cousin John Rand.  Member Independent and Rectified Rite. Probably member Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. 
RAND, John.  1864-?.  Married 1888 Helen Rand.  Estate agent/surveyor.

Helen Rand in the GD including friendship with Annie Horniman
Helen and John Rand: Family History Information

RANKING, H Devey Fearon.  1848-1931.  Teacher; folklorist; antiquarian; linguist.  Freemason.

RANSTEAD, William.  1860-1944.  Manager/part owner, Gandy Belt Manufacturing Co.  Political activist.  Emigrated to New Zealand 1900.

REX, John.  E.  C 1860-after 1901.  Owned a timber firm.

REYNOLDS, Mary Palethorp(e), known as Sister Mary.  1852-1917.  Professional nurse.

RICHARDSON, Charles Lovell.  1868-after 1932.  Dentist.

RICHIE, William. 

RITCHIE, Frederick Clarence.  1866-1931.


ROBERTSON, John Charles George.  ??-1897.  Doctor, specialising mental health.  Worked Middlesex County Asylum Hanwell.  Freemason. 


ROGERS, George Frederick.   1867-1943.  Physician.  Academic Cambridge University 1900-14.  Home Office 1914-43.  Freemason.  TS.  SRIA.  SOCPR.

ROSHER, Charles Henry.  1858-1936.  Engineer/architect.  Writer.

ROSHER, Caroline Lily.  Original surname Porter.  1856-?? Living with Charles Henry Rosher as his wife by 1891. 

ROWAN HAMILTON, Lina.  Original surname Beaumont.  1857-1934.  Married 1876 Gawen Rowan Hamilton of the Irish landed gentry.  Lived Northern Ireland.

ROWE, Kate.  Original surname Broomhead.  1859-1903.  Married 1897 William J M Rowe known as Cosmo Rowe.  Musician. 
ROWE, Sarah Ann, known as Sissie.  IU, then IRRO/R.  Born 1856 Manchester.  Photograph retoucher.  DOD unknown.  Sister-in-law of Kate Broomhead Rowe. 

            Joint Entry

ROWELL, George.  1863-1918.  Anaesthetist, academic at the London Dental Hospital. 

ROY, Robert.   1847-1916.  Barrister.  TS.  Freemason.  SRIA.

RUSSELL, Alexander David.  1864-1934.

SALMON, Frederick George Burton.  1865-??

SANDHAM, Robert.  Identification uncertain: probably b 1841.

SCANLAN, Alfred Ernest.  1857-1930.  GP Middlesbrough.  TS.  Acquaintance of W B Yeats.

SCOTT, Maria Jane Burnley.  Original surname Hume.  1854-1927.  Married 1881 Ross Scott.

SHEFFIELD, Evelyn Diana.  Born Eliza Dinah Fairchild 1856.  Married Henry Digby Sheffield 1877.  Died 1942.  THIS BIOGRAPHY IS NOT BY ME, IT'S BY DINAH'S DISTANT RELATIVE TONY MARTIN with some extras by me.

SHERLOCK, Thomas Travers.  C 1853-1915.

SHIELD, Elizabeth Key.  C 1841-?? (after 1901).  Sister of GD member Jane Hunter Shield.

SHIELD, Jane Hunter.  C 1849-?? (after 1901).  Sister of GD member Elizabeth Key Shield.

SIMMONS, Alpheus Butts.  1865-1915.  Medical Doctor, Electro-therapist Georgia USA.  Freemason, member of Knights Templar. 

SIMONSEN, J Hermann.  ??-between 1895 and 1900.  Cleric, Lutheran church.  Freemason.

SIMPSON, Alice Beatrice.  Professional name Beatrice Irwin.  1877-??.  Daughter of GD member Alice Isabel Simpson; sister of GD member Elaine Mary Simpson Witkowski.  Actress, poet.  Ran own lighting firm; writer. 

SIMPSON, Alice Isabel.   Original surname Hall.  1853-?? (after 1911).  Married 1875 William Simpson.  Mother of GD members Alice Beatrice Simpson and Elaine Mary Simpson Witkowski. 

SIMPSON, Elaine Mary. 1875-?? (after 1929).  Daughter of GD member Alice Isabel Simpson; sister of GD member Alice Beatrice Simpson.  Married 1) 1900 Paul Harry Witkowski.  Married 2) 1909 Karl Julius Emil Wölker, divorced 1924. 

SIMPSON, George Lumsden.  C 1859-?? (after 1901).  ?son of GD member Mary A Simpson.

SIMPSON, Mary.  Original surname unknown.  C 1828-??.  Mother of GD member George Lumsden Simpson.

SIMPSON, Thérèse Charlotte.   1838-1923.  Singer, teacher of singing.

SLATER, John Herbert, probably called Herbert.  1853-1921.  Barrister; writer on collecting, especially book collecting.

SMITH, James Webber.  Is in as WEBBER SMITH

SMITH, Pamela Colman.  She’s in as COLMAN-SMITH.

SMITH, Thomas.  C 1867-??

SMITH BROWN, Robert.  C 1837-after 1901.  Pharmacist; then worked for the freemasons in Scotland.  Freemason.

SNEYD, Ralph de Tunstall.  1862-1947.  Poet.

SPINK SISTERS - Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) 1867-1953; Florence 1868-1939, see also FIRTH Oliver and Florence; and Gertrude Jane 1869-1947.  All Bradford; all TS.

STEEL, Robert Elliott.  1853-1933.  Science teacher, geologist.  Taught in Bradford and Northampton and at Sherborne School.  Married 1895 Annie Caroline Elliott; one daughter.

STEPHENS, Riccardo.  1860-after 1915.  Doctor.  Novelist.

STEWART WALKER, Alice; and Jessie.  They’re in as Stewart WALKER.

STRACEY, Alice Minnie, known as Alice Maud.  Original surname Osborn.  1864-1946.  Married 1870 William John Stracey.

STREET, Eugène Edward.  1847-1913.  Man of independent financial means.  Freemason.  SRIA.

STRICKLAND, Francis.  Uncertain identification: probably c 1849-?? (after 1901).

SWAIN, Rose Mary Howard.  1865-1937.  Married 1893 Alfred Robinson. 

TAYLOR, Rachel, see GARDNER.

TAYLOR, Thomas A.  ??-1893.  Businessman in Madras.

THEOBALD, Robert Masters.  1839-1914.  Doctor; homoeopath.

THIELLAY, Eugène.  Born France c 1840.  Died London 1901.  Chemist.  Hairdresser; inventor of platinum blonde hair dye.  Freemason.  SRIA.

THOMAS, Robert Palmer; PALMER-THOMAS by 1911.  1851-1918.  Worked for South Eastern Railway.  Freemason.  SRIA.  TS.  IRR.  Acquaintance of A E Waite.

THOMAS, William Eliot.  1866-1929.


THOMSON, John Lorimer.  1868-?? (after 1901).  Brother of GD members Christina Thomson Peck and Margaret Kells Thomson. 

THOMSON, Margaret Kells.  C 1866-?? (after 1901).  Sister of GD members John Lorimer Thomson and Christina Thomson Peck.

THORNTHWAITE, James Falon.  1855-1923.  Barrister.

THURNAM, William Rowland, called Rowland.  1868-1941.  Doctor; founder of Nordrach-upon-Mendip TB sanatorium.  Poet; translator. 

TODHUNTER, John.  1839-1916.  Doctor but didn’t practice in England.  Dramatist.

TOLLER, Victor Conyers Ebenezer.  1864-1915.  Worked for the General Post Office.

TUCKEY, Charles Lloyd.  1858-1925.  Doctor; used hypnotism to treat addiction problems.  Writer.  TS.  Founder SOCPR. 

TURNER, Amy.  Original surname Hunter.  1865-??  Sister of GD member Edmund Arthur Hunter; first cousin of GD member Fanny Beatrice Hunter.  Married 1889 Alfred Turner.  See under HUNTER.

TWEEDALE, Violet.  Original surname Chambers.  ?1862 ?1864-1936.  Married 1891 Clarens Tweedale.  Novelist.  Spiritualist; wrote of her experience with ghosts.

VIBART Marian Charlotte.  1854-1932.  First cousin by marriage of GD member Louisa Florence ffoulkes.  Investor in Biltor Ltd; friend of Lacy family.

VÖGE, Anton Carl.  C 1866-?? (after 1901). 

VÖGE, Lily.  Original name Bothwell.  C 1866-?? (after 1901).  Married date unknown GD member Anton Vöge.

VOGT, Carl.  C 1856-??

VON WYSS, Clothilde Rosalie Regina.  1872-1938.

A life by dates
Family and teaching career
Personality, Marie Stopes and Ethelwyn Mackie

VOYSEY, Henrietta Annesley.  1855-1905.  Sister of GD member Frances Annesley Voysey Brodie-Innes; sister-in-law of GD member John William Brodie-Innes.  Professional nurse; at Krugersdorp Concentration camp during Boer War.  TS. 

WAITE, Ada Alice.  Original surname Lakeman.  1866-1924.  Married 1888 Arthur Edward Waite.

WAITE, Arthur Edward.  1857-1942.  Married 1888 GD member Ada Alice Lakeman.  Founder, Independent and Rectified Rite.

WALKER, Alice Stewart.  I assume she is the daughter of GD member Jessie M Stewart Walker.

WALKER, Jessie M.  I assume she is the mother of GD member Alice Stewart Walker.

WALLACE J William McNair.  1868-1947.  Solicitor.  Emigrated 1910 to Western Australia.

WALLEEN, Baron Carl Alphonse.  1863-?? Danish.  TS.  Friend of Strindberg.  Lived Copenhagen.

WALTON, Elizabeth. 

WARNER, Jemima Tertia.  Surname wrongly transcribed by Gilbert.  See MANDER

WATERS, Ada Whisstock.  1862-1952.  Married 1900 Pierre E P Bernard 1872-1914, GD member, Ahathoor temple Paris.  Lived France.  Bahai.

WATKIN MILLS, Elizabeth.   Original surname Hore.  1849-1914.  Married 1869 bass/baritone Robert Watkin Mills.

WATSON, Bernard Harry.  1859-1906.  Man of independent financial means.  Astronomer.

WEBBER SMITH, James.  1845-?1917.  Army officer.  Stella Matutina. 

WEEKES, Charles.  C 1868-1946.

WELTCH, Ethel Mary.  Original surname Johnson.  1863-1944.  Married 1889 GD member Henry Herbert Weltch.

WELTCH, Henry Herbert.  Born 1865.  Died between 1911 and 1944.  Married 1889 GD member Ethel Mary Johnson.  Teacher.

WESTCOTT, William Wynn.  1849-1925.  Brother-in-law of GD member Emily Burnett.  GP, then coroner.  Writer.  Occultist.  TS.  Freemason.  SRIA.

WESTMAN, Louise.  IU. 

WILDE, Constance Mary.   Original surname Lloyd  1858-1898.  Married 1884 Oscar Wilde.  Changed surname to Holland 1895.

WILLIAMS, George Easthall. 

WILLIAMS, Thomas.  C 1854-??

WILLIAMS, William. 

WILLMOTT, John.  C 1853-1889.  Worked Hong Kong for wine importing firm.  Freemason. 

WILSON, Arthur.  Identification uncertain but probably 1868-after 1911.  Music teacher, Middlesbrough.  TS.

WILSON, Samuel

WILSON, Thomas Duddington. 


WILSON, William. 

WOLF, Annie.

WOODMAN, William Robert.  1828-91.  Doctor.  Freemason.  SRIA.

WRIGHT, Francis William.  1858-1938.

WRIGHT, Charlotte.  1867-?? (after 1901).  Sister of GD members Margaret Elizabeth Wright and Henry Wright.  Teacher. 
WRIGHT, Henry.  1858-?? (after 1901).  Brother of GD members Margaret Elizabeth Wright and Charlotte Wright.  Rent collector for a local authority. 
WRIGHT, Margaret Elizabeth.  1857-1914.  Sister of GD members Henry Wright and Charlotte Wright.

Joint Entry

YEATS, William Butler.  1865-1939.

YUSUF.  The more usual spelling; but see under EUSUF.